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General Information and FAQs

Geocaching How-To's

Geocaching FAQ - Basic questions about geocaching and the website

Guide to Finding a Geocache - A good guide for your first hunt, though slanted toward a wilderness trip. Not as relevant for an urban cache.

Guide to Hiding a Geocache - Good tutorial, however, slanted toward a wilderness ammo can type of hide. The best guide to hiding a cache is a little good experience. If all you've found are a few urban film cans or key holders, you haven't experienced how creative a cache can be. Before hiding your first cache, try to find a variety of caches in all sizes and a few that have a difficulty rating of 2, 3, or 4 stars. Get out of your neighborhood and into some rural parks. If you haven't met any other cachers yet, go to the Forums or the GBA Forums and introduce yourself and learn about your community. There are plenty of cachers willing to offer advice and assistance to make your hide a popular one!

Groundspeak Knowledge Base - Find answers to common questions about that are not included in the FAQ. Glossary - Terminology definitions. Also see the GBA Glossary.


Using a GPS and Coordinate Systems

Geocache Etiquette

GBA Glossary

GBA Puzzle (Mystery) Cache FAQ

Local Wisdom

The Petoskey Stone's Crib Notes For New Cachers

The Rat's Puzzle Solving and Cryptography Lessons

BKip's Geocaching Presentation (PowerPoint)


Handicaching - Aims to improve the accessibility of Geocaching for physically handicapped people all over the world. By rating caches using a simple system, handicapped geocachers can quickly find the caches they are able to do.

ClayJar's Geocache Rating System (GCRS)

Update to the FAQ - Markwell

Geocaching Brochure - Geocacher-U

Locationless Checklist

Earthcache - The Earthcache site. Guidelines and initial listing form.

Airport Geocaches

Trade Items

Travel Bugs - FAQ, How To (pick up and drop off), How To Make a Travel Bug Info Sheet

What is a Geocoin? - For a complete listing of Geocoins in circulation see Geocoins.

Signature Items - Track, Collect, Create

Traveler Tags - Another way to track travel bugs and anything else.


Bison Designs - Bison containers

Bumble Buttons - Custom pin-back buttons

Cheaper Than Dirt - Ammo cans

Sissy-n-cr - Stencils, custom rubber stamps and much more

Skydiver - Fun geocaching gear


Minute War - Another GPS game, popular among some local cachers


Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Information Center


Today's Cacher eZine

1876 Historical Atlas Map of Santa Clara County