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Online Tools

Coordinate Converter and Mapper
Convert coordinates into formats such as Decimal Degrees (WGS84), Degrees, Minutes & Seconds, GPS and UTM

Coordinate Grabber
Grab (or "scrape") GPS Coordinates from any web page then download them as a LOC file

Distance Calculator
Calculate the distance between two points or one point and a number of points

Geocaching Express Logger
Log geocaching adventures on without searching for caches and clicking around the Geocaching website. Just list the caches you've found, edit your log and post! Cache lists can be Geocaching waypoints (GCXXXX) or from CacheMate.

Geocaching Quick Search
Bypass the Hide and Seek a Cache page and search using expanded query criteria

TerraServer Viewer
Map waypoints on satellite photo images, topo maps or hi-res color images from TerraServer

Bay Area Geocaching Leaders