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Tutorials and Manuals Tutorials and Manuals

CacheMateCacheMate is a database for tracking GPS cache hunts. You can store information about caches or benchmarks, decode hints, and transfer data between CacheMate and the MemoPad application. Registered users can import LOC and GPX formatted XML files, which are available from 3.0 or greaterShareware
DeLorme Topo USA 7.0DeLorme Topo USA 7.0 provides topo and street maps of the entire U.S. and displays multiple map and imagery types, including new NOAA Nautical Charts and High-Resolution Color Imagery. Supports import of .gpx and .loc files and includes descriptions and hints from .gpx files found on In addition, you can see the terrain in vivid detail using the 3-D map views and controls. These realistic views also retain the various elements you add to your customized maps - trails, MapNotes, GPS waypoints, and Draw objects.WindowsCommercial
EasyGPSEasyGPS is the fast and easy way to create, edit, and transfer waypoints and routes between your computer and your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS. Using EasyGPS, you can manage all of your waypoints and routes, and display them in lists sorted by name, elevation, or distance.WindowsFreeware
ExpertGPSExpertGPS displays your waypoints, routes, and tracks on USGS topo maps and aerial photos. Using the powerful mapping tools in ExpertGPS, you can draw waypoints and your route directly on scanned park maps.WindowsCommercial
FizzyCalcFizzyCalc is an application that allows simple conversion of coordinates to various formats. It takes coordinate strings in a variety of formats and generates copy-and-paste versions of those coordinates in a variety of other formats. FizzyCalc also does high-accuracy distance calculations and projections using the Vincenty method for calculating distances on an ellipsoid. These caculations are much better than you can obtain from your GPS unit or most other software out there.WindowsFreeware
GarminMapping software supporting Garmin GPS units.WindowsCommercial
GPS BabelGPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another, whether that format is a common mapping format like Delorme, Streets and Trips, or even a serial upload or download to a GPS unit such as those from Garmin and Magellan.Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Darwin and OS X, Linux, UnixOpen Source
GPXSpinnerGPX Spinner puts a spin on your GPX files like you only dreamed of. Features include: Changing the waypoint name to include the cache name, ID, difficulty, terrain, or any combination, changing the waypoint description to include the cache name, who it was placed by, difficulty, terrain, or any combination, outputting a set of HTML files suitable for sending to a handheld device, etc.WindowsFreeware
GSAK - Geocaching Swiss Army KnifeGSAK is the all in one Geocaching and waypoint management tool. Major features include: multiple databases, sending/receiving waypoints to GPSr, conversion to many mapping formats, HTML output, extensive searching, macro support, backup and restore, distance/direction from other waypoints (including caches, locations, post codes) and much more.WindowsShareware
MacGPS ProMacGPS Pro supports almost all GPS receivers for moving map images on the Mac screen in real-time. Connect to your Garmin or Magellan for transferring Waypoints, Routes, and Track Logs.Mac OS XCommercial
MagellanMapping software supporting Magellan GPS units.WindowsCommercial
Microsoft Streets and TripsMicrosoft Streets and Trips is a mapping solution that delivers a comprehensive array of maps, points of interest, routes, driving directions, and Pocket PC compatibility.WindowsCommercial
PluckerAn offline webbrowser for PalmOS PDAs.PalmOSFree Software
USAPhotoMapsUSAPhotoMaps downloads aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft's free TerraServer Web site, saves it on your hard drive, and creates seamless maps from it. You can transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes to and from most GPS receivers.WindowsFreeware

Tutorials and Manuals

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